Gallery browsing rules

Gallery browsing rules

1. Exhibition halls of the virtual ART-Prostranstvo Gallery welcome all visitors. We do not set limitations on your surrounding while you are viewing the expositions. We are not against noise, children running about, eating or drinking while viewing the exhibits, unless it helps you enhance your visual perception and enjoy our virtual gallery.

2. In each exhibition hall you will find a map of sculptures (at the right side of the screen). You can browse the exhibition hall by clicking on the marked points on the map. The point will light red if you decide to stop and take a closer look at the sculpture.

3. You can browse the halls in any order – sculpture by sculpture or from the first work directly to the last one. The hall map and your mood will help you select the route.  

4.  As you get to the hall with sculptures, you first see the main (classical) views. But the en-face view of many works may be less exciting than their profile views. To get better impression and understanding of how the sculpture looks from different sides, we placed additional pictures in the gallery. You can also see an enlarged picture by clicking on the sculpture.

5. Each work has a context explanation (author, size, material and year of creation), while many of them also have comments expressed by respectful audience. You can obtain information about the sculpture by clicking on the sculpture picture or its title placed to the right from the photograph.

6. We reserve the right to intervene in the distribution of texts and photographs published on our website. We hope that before starting distributing this information for other purposes, you obtain permission of the gallery developers.

Enjoy your time at our virtual gallery ART-Prostranstvo!