Inga Zang


The journalist, the critic
I was born in 1968. My first and meanwhile the only official expertise is journalism. The rest I acquired using the manuals of life. Critics came to my life in the middle age.  

The first thing I criticized was my last name. I have always wanted it to contain letters that comprise my surname. Such a complicated wish predefined my choice, a Chinese-style pseudonym Zang, which successfully hides me from those I criticize.  Although, the area I am now criticizing has very few reasons for mutually unprofitable grievances. Besides, I don’t feel like a hundred-percent critic, as I love the life’s positive picture too much. 

In sculpture, which is my subject for today, I am attracted by vivacity and unexpectedness of genre, especially when I get a chance to eye-witness the emerging of idea. I love the moment of not-awareness of what will come from a shapeless stone…