Maria Kunst


The journalist, the critic
 I was born in 1977 in the Soviet Union that sank into oblivion. When I was certified as a journalist, it has been a new country called Russia. My first article published in a Siberian newspaper was something between essay and biography. This was the beginning…

I found interest in the art in the period when I was trying to enter the arts school. I had reoccurring «spells» of desire to write, although this enthusiasm was sometimes killed by the objects of my criticism.  I remember that after I published an article criticizing a young theater director, I had a phone call from the theater trying to “dig the dirt” on me from the period when I was a student. Although the only possible reason for “blackmailing” was a bad mark for a subject not related to the person I was criticizing.

Now I write about sculpture and sculptors. The things I write are drifted by the genre: sometimes, I tend to monumentality in complex expressions, and sometimes several words are enough.