Title: The Italian Greyhound
Bronze, 45х52х18 cm, 2006.

The bronze-made dog figure is close to the style peculiarities of renaissance – the aspiration for realistic, live character and image. Considering the classic description of the breed, you can see how close Yekaterina Yakovleva’s dog is to the original: a long pointed face, a delicate bent neck, high-set ears, a gibbous back and a deep chest, long brawny legs, a thin low-set tail, and so on. The artist even studied the special mechanism of the breed’s hind feet, which appear to be parallel on closer examination.


The idea of this sculpture couldn’t come from somewhere outside, couldn’t have been imagined, for you cannot imagine what you «have to see with your own eyes». The Italian greyhound («Levretka») is too alive to have been copied from a reproduction.