"As I start a new work, I keep in my mind its final objective as an expression of a self-contained plastic idea. I never plan the route, setting no frames of strict phasing. In most cases, with some minor exceptions, I make it without drafts or preliminary drawings. Without foreseeing and anticipating, the only thing I always try to do is participating in the plastic reincarnation of the material and living the way it lives, always hoping for the unexpected, unpredictable and a little miraculous".

"I am excited by the stylistics of old-Russian icon painting and archaic sculpture: these are the strata of the world’s culture, which, in addition to severe canons, display great spiritual power".

"I believe that sculptor is not a profession, but the way of thinking. Changing it would mean dramatically changing your life and betraying your destination".

"Sometimes I think: "God, just how little I can and how little I have done!" My works are my in-side world. They are often ironic. I try to express the ideas, which excite me, through the shape. When I succeed, it gives me the feeling of a flight".

The "a la prima" technique gives endless opportunities for experimenting, and, in some cases, the metal prompts the solution itself. This is the technique that I usually use, learning how to feel the material, trying to reveal its unexpected features, unexpected for myself. I work using bronze and ceramics, but not so much. I hope that in the future I will also try stone.

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