Y. Yakovleva creates her own style in sculpture, bestiarity

Critic opinion

Y. Yakovleva creates her own style in sculpture, bestiarity

Yekaterina Yakovleva creates her own style in sculpture, bestiarity (from «bestiaire» – bestiary, a medieval collection of stories, each based on a description of qualities and appearance of an animal, which existed in the author’s fantasy).

But for Yekaterina, bestiarity is neither pure fantasy, nor animalism. It is always a reflection of her inner world. This style with its large shapes, which may be considered even aggressive by some people, perfectly complies with Yekaterina’s alter ego, which has brutality and requires sharpness of perception and execution.

Bestiarity may be a subject of experiments on the shape, but it never loosed its emotional principle, which doesn’t let a sculpture to be turned into a simple ‘design stuff’. Simplicity of the image is alien to bestiarity, but the beast sculptures are imbued with the depth of philosophy.

Yekaterina Yakovleva’s bronze beasts are not just animals: they are characters, always with human faces. They are different. The beasts are often gracious, but rough, just as our life is. 

This collection of beasts is a collection of the artist’s moods, rather than a collection of her faces.  What are these moods? Recklessness, sometimes uncontrol, the strongest zest of life, ironic gaiety of living in this world. Yekaterina is diverse in her emotions, and as for sculpture, bestiarity is exactly the style that can express such a burning rush of freshness and artistic passion, which she experiences.    
By Maria Kunst