"At the Window"

Critic opinion

"At the Window"

The artist is entering into the unknown possibilities of graphics. Her work contains a link to the portrait traditions of Gris, Picasso and Léger, who pieced together faces and bodies from geometric figures, demonstrating incredible similarity with the subject. Here, this role was allotted to the graphics.

Black-and-white and stained-glass “drawing” on the sculpture surface outlines the traits of a woman. Several colored lines were enough to give birth to face symbols, without realistic drawing of the eyes, nose and lips, similarly to the early-modernist style traditions of portraits with “blind” eyes. The graphics animates position of the hands, which did not exist initially, in chamotte, makes elegant women’s legs visible.

This is a vivid stylistic sculpture made by the artist, who has a peculiarity to create vulnerable women silhouettes, where even the black color is subordinated by this stylistics.

Inga Zang