"The Flora"

Critic opinion

"The Flora"

The horn of plenty is in her hand. By her feet are flowers, blooming from the touch of her body and embracing her neat figure. Symbol and mythology entwined in this sculpture like flowering buds beneath Flora’s feet.

Soft tonalities of modernism dissolved in the silhouette of the ancient Italian goddess. Its figure implies Modigliani traditions and his caryatides: flat face, thin long figure, ball-shaped hips… - these are archetypes, reconsidered in the plastic, endowed with sculptor’s intonations of their own.

One can feel the inspiration derived from African tunes with their simplicity and sometimes naïve and primitive plasticity. Asymmetric form in this work comes along with the eurhythmics of a graphical drawing.

The composition’s top layer is non-classic, but also non-archaic: molding is replaced with a delicious drawing imitating Flora’s foot fingers. The same finishing lines can be seen in the colors throughout the goddess’ body. Colorful pictorial graphics turns a model into endless flora, a spot of bright colors, which makes the character even more abstract.

Maria Kunst