"The Pyramid of Kisses"

Critic opinion

"The Pyramid of Kisses"
The story of this sculpture started and developed as a beautiful movie about a man and a woman, where a random encounter set afloat and grew into a real strong feeling.

The halves were only two at the beginning. They were shy and not sure that their encounter would be their destiny. The two halves were colorless at first. Later, Olga selected white and red color for them. These are the colors of the new feeling, contradictory, confused and unexpected. 

The feelings did not calm down, but ran high: new halves were appearing, setting up a symbolic pyramid of love.

12 halves are open for kisses. They can be joined in any manner; the result will be the same: a single sculpture form. They symbolize diversity of everyday feelings and emotions. While disassembling and reassembling the sculptures, mixing the halves, you can see other stories and emotions today, different from those of yesterday.

Olga created a sophisticated game of shape and color, for whatever side you turn, you will see faces. The sculpture can live and change, just as your spirit can. Today it is calm and quite, the halves are white, while the eyes and the lips are tender. But tomorrow it is eccentric and courageous, and the halves are red, the eyes are burning and the lips are more aggressive, just as the feelings are.

The sculpture wouldn’t need much space in the interior, but rather a special space. We suggest that you place it in the most romantic and light corner at your home. Consider combination of the sculpture’s red and white with your interior colors.   

Maria Kunst