"The Exotic Fruit"

Critic opinion

"The Exotic Fruit"

This is one of the most remarkable sculptures for its style content. There is no familiar graphics, no avant-garde shapes. All we have is the woman. The sculpture is bright, vivid ad positive. One can notice the Gauguin’s style of smooth and heavenly painting. The girl with an exotic fruit is elegant and gracious; it was made in a very womanly manner. She is thoughtful, which can be seen in her uncertain gesture and a little confused glance.

Olga used a special technique of pressing the drawing on chamotte, as well as fine tincture of blue color and orange glazes. It has a special effect: the girl’s simple dress looks colorful and stylish. The use of glazes reveals an interesting game of color lights, while keeping a place for art in the interior.

A wonderful picture: as you wake up in the morning, a little bit of morning light comes into the room, and you can see an exotic corner with a girl holding a fruit in her arms. The sculpture will come in harmony with a space that has few artificial flora elements, such as wallpaper drawings, and with the natural green, in a small bay-window garden.

Another way is to place it near prattling fountains or fruit gardens beside your country house. Let’s not forget however that the exotic sculpture would require a lot of light.

Maria Kunst