"A Cup of Coffee"

Critic opinion

"A Cup of Coffee"

The work is a sophisticated philosophic game of symbols. The idea of fragility and flexibility of existence against the world of the strong is expressed by one symbol, a tiny cup of coffee, which is going to fall into the figured hole in the table if you miss the saucer. 

The table on three legs, which seem unsteady, symbolizes the lack of regularity in the life. Everything may be exaggerated in the life, like the massive figure of a dandy with a grotesque-flat skull and arms of different length. But this unnatural effect results in overall integrity of the composition.  

Parallel elements are also making their contribution in the sculpture: the long coat underlines the direction of the dandy’s movement, smooth lines of his shoulders and arms harmonize with the table’s oval shape. No object in the composition lives its own life, there are no short lines, and everything is interrelated and symbolic. Even the hole in the table seems to be a pool of coffee poured out on the table.

Maria Kunst