"The Sand-Glass"

Critic opinion

"The Sand-Glass"

Glass and sand are the symbols of time count-down. When the time is embodied in sand-grains, you come to value it, as you imagine the number of sand-grains that would be needed to make eternity. It’s mysterious…

Suddenly, the sand has petrified, turning the time not backwards, but to eternity. Or is it us who wanted the time to stop for a moment? The artist gives us the freedom for philosophy. Bronze is like the wet sand that stopped the run of the sand-glass, meaning that it managed to catch the fluidity of time. It flows away, it runs away. But it is so challenging to catch it…   

The idea of movement adopts the shape of sand-glass; the idea of life is dissolved in the antique columns, which uphold «the upper vessel» of time.

Bronze and serpentine emphasize the magic of the composition. The antique drawing on the surface gives a clear hint to the thousand-year-long history of the sand-glass. The artist symbolically changes its real shape, but no matter how much the sand-glass changed in its history, it has never lost its profound meaning - the being the servant of time.
Inga Zang