"The Beefeater"

Critic opinion

"The Beefeater"

The size of the bottle, filled with the legendary Beefeater Gin, is shocking. The usual transparent glass of the bottle is replaced with chamotte. Instead of the red lid there are yellowish colors and an elegant bottle contour. 

"The Beefeater" is an installation sculpture, which is able to fill up both classic and modern interior. It may transform into specific style solutions not only conceptually, but also physically, as the big bottle cap may be twisted off. And the stocky bullterrier, holding hard with his strong paws, may exist by itself, as a guardian of its own loftiness.

The sculpture shows both a pop art idea to unveil the aesthetic value of mass-produced items and an elegant game of styles as well. The Beefeater Gin was made as a cocktail drink, because few people may appreciate the 47% strength of it, preferring to mix it. So why not using this idea?

However, it is hard to imagine a Russian hound or a French bull-dog instead of the bullterrier. The bullterrier is also symbolic here. This is a pure English dog, just as Beefeater is a pure English drink. The bullterrier is the guardian of the bottle, the guard and the symbol of the drink, as the bottle is also playing the role of a plinth, or a base in the sculpture.

Such execution clearly harmonizes with the pop art idea to love the popular, allowing us to be ironic while eying Yekaterina Yakovleva’s sculpture. Looking back at the etymology of the word, which is associated with ‘beef eating’, some viewers may see in Beefeater something else than a drink…

By Maria Kunst