Critic opinion

Critic opinion

Yekaterina Yakovleva creates her own style in sculpture, bestiarity (from «bestiaire» – bestiary, a medieval collection of stories, each based on a description of qualities and appearance of an animal, which existed in the author’s fantasy).

"The Beefeater", a sculpture made of chamotte, is one of the latest works by Yekaterina Yakovleva. This is an interesting combination of styles. The bullterrier is made in the author’s usual manner, bestiarity. From the other hand, a different-scale object was added to the sculpture – an obvious link to American pop art and, probably, a link to Andy Warhol and his famous tomato soup cans and the acid-colored Monroe portraits.

The horn of plenty is in her hand. By her feet are flowers, blooming from the touch of her body and embracing her neat figure. Symbol and mythology entwined in this sculpture like flowering buds beneath Flora’s feet.

The artist is entering into the unknown possibilities of graphics. Her work contains a link to the portrait traditions of Gris, Picasso and Léger, who pieced together faces and bodies from geometric figures, demonstrating incredible similarity with the subject. Here, this role was allotted to the graphics.

The picture is not simple here: the fine-spun threads of engobe surrounded the queen cat, entrapped it with a cradle “net”. But the cat will pull through, because this in only a children’s game, the Cat’s Craddle.

The work is a sophisticated philosophic game of symbols. The idea of fragility and flexibility of existence against the world of the strong is expressed by one symbol, a tiny cup of coffee, which is going to fall into the figured hole in the table if you miss the saucer.

Glass and sand are the symbols of time count-down. When the time is embodied in sand-grains, you come to value it, as you imagine the number of sand-grains that would be needed to make eternity. It’s mysterious…

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