"ART-Prostranstvo. Materialization", the first gallery in reality

On October 1st, in the center of Moscow, the ART-Prostranstvo Gallery opens its first exhibition in reality. The sculptors will be presenting thier works during two weeks, October 1-12.

The sculptures presented at "ART-Prostranstvo. Materialization" make the virtual gallery at the website From now on, an illusion of virtuality will be created in the real world!
"ART-Prostranstvo" if the new project of Moscow’s sculptors to integrate art with multimedia technologies, which is maintained by artists in the Internet. Virtual expositions were arranged on the website, allowing a viewer to enter the multimedia space, recreating the atmosphere of real museum browsing!

The artists share the idea of the immunity of sculpture to style and plastic indifference, demonstrating a sensitive relation both to the subject and to the material. Sculptures showing the game of styles and the flexibility of ordinary materials were selected to make the "ART-Prostranstvo. Materialization" exhibition.

It will be your first chance to see the eccentric sculpture "Beefeater" by Yekaterina Yakovleva – a bottle made of chamotte, with a capacity of 40 liters of English gin. You will be able to hear the sound of ceramics. At the exhibition, you will get an opportunity to take part in making your own installations from the sounding transformer sculptures by Olga Khan.

The virtual art gallery is the first step of “ART-Prostranstvo” on the way of advancing the high-class sculpture and forming a single artistic space for the classic and contemporary artists representing this type of art. According to the data provided by the Russian Opinion Research Center, half of Russians visited exhibitions several years ago. Sculptors are sure that opening such virtual galleries will raise the interest towards the art, prompting the long-expected "gallery and museum boom".