ART-Prostranstvo Gallery opens three exhibition halls
In July, three exhibition halls have been inaugurated at ART-Prostranstvo Gallery to present works by Moscow’s modern sculptors using various sculpture schools.

Hall no.1 will host an exhibition entitled ‘The Winged’. ‘The Hidden in the Small-Scale Sculpture’ will be shown in Hall no.2, while the work ‘Beefeater’ will be presented in Hall no.3. The ART-Prostranstvo floor convened artists representing three various trends. The three exhibitions are also three bsolutely authentic and different approaches to the modern art of sculpture.


Will a viewer share the opinion that large style streams have run dry? Postmodernism leads an artist to the possibility of not dentifying himself with anything. However this does not mean that the artist would loose the sense of style and the sense of aterial. It is just the other way about. The key idea of the exhibition is that there is no epoch of style or plastic insensibility in he art of sculpture. Today’s sculptors display their sharp attitude both to the subject and to the material.

The artists’ debut exhibitions are represented by landmark sculptures, setting a riddle of styles, using complex casting hniques and showing the ‘movement’ of materials in the plastic. Though, we shouldn’t give out all the hints. Let the viewer be free to behold what they call ‘the recent trends’ in the modern art of sculpture.

Some works presented in the virtual expositions were shown in museums in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Europe. Today, hey are available for sale for private collections and interior.