"I do not control myself in the art and I have no exact plans for the future, she says. I the sculpture, I live for the day, but I always do the things that come out of my soul, my heart and my feelings. And I hope this helps me create ever-sincere shapes".

"I remember that in the in the dull season of the 80-ies I wanted to make something brutal and nervous. In the 90-ies, I had the will to create "aesthetic" things, smoother and more delicate forms. And now I seek an out burst of emotions again, an explosion of authentic sensations".

"Each time I start a new work, I feel something like being a hunter. Among tens of thousands of species, I choose the only one that would be torturing me with its Beauty and with the fact that I would be forceless to express this Beauty".

"They emerge like a poet’s verse. Unexpectedly, sometimes as a single «row», and sometimes as a whole "poem". There is no special surrounding for me to create ideas. To be more precise, the surrounding is my whole life, everything that happens in my life has a reflection in my works".

"Ideas emerge by chance and unexpectedly. Sometimes even a banal banana peel may be a source of a sculpture’s story. I love the freedom for self-expression. I find it interesting when the philosophic theme in my works comes through in symbolic shapes and I find pleasure in searching such deep symbols of the life".

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